Morrow County, OHIO

GIS In Morrow County
Morrow County Enterprise GIS Home
Morrow County has modernized the County's mapping capabilities to include the computerized format commonly referred to as Geographic Information Systems (GIS). A GIS is defined as a computer system capable of collecting, storing, viewing, and analyzing geographically referenced or spatial information. 

GIS allows for the 24-7 viewing and overlay of other layers to help citizens and policymakers visualize information about Morrow County. GIS works by giving users the ability to view and query the map based on the contents of the layer's database or by viewing it in relation to aerial imagery.

​Examples of GIS layers can  include an address point, a property parcel, a census block, a zip code, a fire hydrant or a city boundary.

Enterprise-wide ​GIS is routinely used in many government offices and private businesses. The most powerful aspect of GIS is performing analysis on the table of information that is attached to the layer. For example, the table might include the information about your parcel, what the zoning category is or the types of soils on your farm.   For example, a map could be created showing the  parcels with homes over 1,750 sq. ft., greater than 25 acres, with soil types suitable for septic systems.

​Currently we provide an interactive mapping application that displays property information and many other GIS layers.

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