Morrow County Hospital RFP


The Morrow County Commissioners seek Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for the Lease, or Lease/Purchase, of the Morrow County Hospital located at 651 West Marion Road, Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338.

Specific Proposals Sought:

The Morrow County Commissioners request that Request for Proposal (RFP) submissions address the following items:

  • Proposed full lease terms in years
  • Proposed Capital investment over lease term
  • Proposed annual lease/full lease term amount
  • If lease/purchase, please include full purchase price, and
  • Committed hiring levels of hospital staff to be made over lease term, including committed level of Morrow County residents to hire for that staffing.

Request for Proposal Process:

Hard copy, paper submissions should be made by 10 a.m. on Monday, June 3, 2019, to Morrow County Commissioner Clerk Ms. Cheryl Heacock at 80 N. Walnut Street, Mount Gilead, Ohio, 43338.

All questions regarding the RFP must be submitted in writing to Ms. Heacock at same address prior to May 29, 2019.  All such questions received with answers will be posted to the Morrow County Commissioner's Website for all applicants to review.

Required Documents for Submission:

  • Staffing plan with detailed hospital management experience
  • Standard ProForma documentation
  • Provided bonding and insurance standards
  • Statement of Compliance wtih all relevant County, State, and Federal laws.
  • Documentation addressing each of the below RFP Evaluation Critetria:

RFP Evaluation Criteria:

Demonstrated ability to recruit and retain highly-qualified physicians and specialists to live and work within Morrow County.

Applicant's history of demonstrated standards of patient care based on Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) indicators such as:  Prevention Quality Indicators, Inpatient Quality Indicators: and Patient Safety Indicators.

Please detail experience and examples of having updated existing, older hospital facilities into modern facilities.  Please include recent investment amounts from the past 10 years into upgrading older facilities.

Explain your track record in expanding and training rural hospital staff, including your record for either increasing or reducing such staffing levels.

Overall proposal providing the best value for commitment of training and hiring staff.

Overall best value for facility investment and improvement in terms of Capital investment committed over the life of the lease term.

Overall best value for financial return in lease rate/purchase to Morrow County.

Please note, as the Morrow County Hospital is publicly owned and has been tax payer supported since its inception, all submitted RFPs, and the RFP process itself, will be treated as public records.

The Morrow County Commissioners reserve the right to cancel, reissue or reject all responses to the Morrow County Hospital RFP, in whole or in part, when:

(1) The services offered are not in compliance with the requirements, specifications, and terms and conditions set forth in the RFP; or

(2) Pricing offered is considered to be deficient in comparision with existing market conditions, or

(3) It is determined that award of a contract would not be in the best interests of the County.