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 Michael D. Goff

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Court House

48 East High Street

Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338-1493

Bus. (419) 947-6070

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 Mike Goff



2020 Real Estate and 2021 Mobile Home Tax Due Dates

1st half 2020 Real Estate taxes due February 12, 2021


2nd half 2020 Real Estate taxes due July 9, 2021


1st half 2021 Mobile Home taxes due March 1, 2021


2nd half 2021 Mobile Home taxes due July 30, 2021









Public Notice from Treasurer Goff


Our office is constantly working to help out the tax paying residents of  Morrow County. I am pleased to inform you that, effective immediately, we have a reduction in two fees being charged!


The credit card fee has been reduced from 2.75% to 2.65%! The Echeck fee has been reduced from $2.75 to $1.00! Please consider these options moving forward, when paying your taxes!



48 East High Street, Room 4

Mount Gilead, Ohio 43338-1493

Phone    (419) 947-6070

Fax        (419) 947-6231

Michael D. Goff-Treasurer

Deputy Treasurer- Tina J. Wright

Deputy- Amanda R. Morris

Deputy-Darla S. Johnson


Current personal visit to our office protocol:


As of 10-13-2020, we are still requiring all visitors to wear a face mask covering their nose & mouth. Also, only "2" visitors are allowed in the office at once. Others may wait in the hallway. In addition, please maintain "6" foot social distancing at all times.

We recommend these options, as well, to pay your taxes:

-US mail-needs postmarked by the due date to avoid penalties

-call our office & pay by credit card-2.65% fee

-call our office & pay by Echeck-$1.00 fee

-go on line, at the treasurer's website, & pay by credit card-2.65% fee

-go on line, at the treasurer's website, & pay by Eckeck-$1.00 fee

-pay at Park National Bank in Mt. Gilead-please bring your bill

-pay at Credit Union in Mt. Gilead- in front of the old HPM-please bring your bill

-put payment in the "Red Box" located in the courthouse parking lot-real estate payments must be in the box by 8:00am, the Monday after the due date, to avoid penalties

Serving you,

Treasurer Goff & Staff