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Zoning in Morrow County
Morrow County’s Approach to Zoning
Thirteen of Sixteen townships in Morrow County have issued zoning regulations. Bennington, Canaan, Congress (excluding Candlewood) Gilead, Harmony, North Bloomfield, and Washington townships follow the County’s Zoning Plan, covered by the Morrow County Zoning Office. Cardington, Chester, Lincoln, South Bloomfield, Troy, and Westfield have adopted their own Zoning Regulations, and have their own zoning inspectors covering those townships. Franklin, Perry, and Peru townships currently have no zoning regulations. Furthermore, the established seven villages of Morrow County,  have their own zoning as well. Below is a list of Zoning Inspectors for each township and village. Other named places in the county that are not governmental units, such as Tidewater, Iberia, South Woodbury, are governed by the township they are located in. Before you begin any project, its best to determine the regulations that may apply for that property. If there is a question of who the correct contact would be for zoning questions, please feel free to contact the Morrow County Zoning office.


NOTE: The Candlewood Lake development in Congress Township is a special exception.  That development has its' own internal control agreements that have been deemed an acceptable replacement for zoning.  Therefore, the Morrow County Zoning Resolution does not apply to those properties that are a part of Candlewood Lake.