Morrow County, OHIO

Zoning FAQs

When am I required to obtain a zoning permit?

How do I apply for a zoning permit?

I'm planning to add on to my house and/or garage; what paperwork do I need to file?

Does the county have any limits on mobile homes?

My neighbor is not complying with the county's zoning regulations. What should I do?

Why don't some properties I see appear to be in compliance with zoning regulations?

Do commercial buildings need to comply with the county's zoning code?

Do I need a zoning permit for a shed?

Do I need a zoning permit for a fence?

I just built a new home. Do I need an occupancy permit?

What if I can't comply with the county's zoning codes?

My neighbor has a junk car at their house. Is there anything that can be done about it?

Is there a building code in Morrow County?

What are the county's set back requirements?

What should I know about building an accessory structure, such as a shed, barn, or garage?