Morrow County, OHIO

Commissions and Boards

As provided for in the Ohio Revised Code, Morrow County's zoning resolution has been developed by and continues to be based upon input from residents in the townships that have chosen to be a part of the plan.  Matters relating to zoning are discussed and debated among the members of the Zoning Commission.  Members of the Zoning Commission are volunteer residents, and typically meet monthly.  The actions of the Zoning Commission are ordinarily in the form of recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners, who are your elected representatives.

 The plan also includes the Board of Zoning Appeals.  As its' name implies, the BZA hears and decides any appeals that applicants might file in reference to decisions made by the Zoning Inspector.  It also hears and decides requests for variances and for Conditional Use permits.  Like the Zoning Commission, members of the BZA are residents who volunteer to serve the community in this manner.  The BZA also normally holds one meeting per month.