Morrow County, OHIO

Juvenile/Probate Clerks

Chief Deputy Clerk: Nicole Hicks              419-947-5575   EXT: 2270  

Deputy Clerk:       Brittany Sigler               419-947-5575   Ext: 2244

Deputy Clerk:       Leah Goulter                 419-947-5575   Ext: 2230

Deputy Clerk:       Alysson Musselman    419-947-5575   Ext: 2246

Deputy Clerk:      Taryn Smith                   419-947-5512   Ext: 2263

Deputy Clerk:      Samantha Chafin          419-947-5575   Ext: 2254

Fax # 419-947-1270  


     The Juvenile/Probate Clerk is located on the third (3rd) floor of the Morrow County Courthouse by the waiting area at the top of the stairs. The Morrow County Court of Common Pleas acts as its own clerk for Probate and Juvenile Cases. This office is separate from the Morrow County Clerk of Courts which handles adult criminal cases, divorces, dissolution, foreclosures, and civil cases. The Morrow County Clerk of Courts is located on the first floor of the Morrow County Courthouse. The Clerk of Courts is an elected official while Juvenile/Probate Clerks are appointed by the Court.

       The Juvenile Division of the Court of Common Pleas deals with custody, visitation and child support matters where the parents are not married, abuse, neglect and dependency cases, unruly, delinquency and juvenile traffic cases.   The Probate Division deals with estates, guardianship, name changes, correction of birth certificates, issuance of marriage licenses and adoptions.

     The Juvenile/Probate Clerks are responsible for the processing, maintenance and collection of court costs for all juvenile and probate case filings. This includes maintaining and docketing all filings that occur in a case, preparing service of summons, and ensuring that each record is current and in order. The accuracy of the court records and the timely preparation of documents are of paramount importance for the effective and efficient administration of the court. The office serves attorneys, local, state and federal agencies; and the general public with case filings and individual record requests. The Court strives to be as efficient as possible. All of the Clerks are cross-trained to assist each other and the public.