Morrow County, OHIO

Community Service

The Morrow County Common Pleas Court Community Service Program provides community job-sites for offenders. Both adult and youthful offenders must pay a debt directly to society by serving the community for the number of hours designated by the Court.

Judge Robert C. Hickson Jr. and Judge Tom C. Elkin know that crimes committed by both adults and juveniles cost the community in time, energy, and money. The youth and adults, by working these hours, start the process of repaying his or her debt to society. It is important to emphasize that the youth and adults are not "paid" for the work they do.

The Court's goal is to place each adult and youthful offender in a work assignment tailored to fit his or her individual skills, training, experience and occupational ambition. Further, if at all possible, it is the Court's desire to match the service to the crime in some meaningful way so that the concept of restorative justice can be met beyond restitution. By way of example only, if an offender vandalizes a school, community service assisting clean up at a school may help the offender to understand and appreciate what it takes to keep a building and contents clean and well maintained. If a participant is not performing the assigned duties, or if profanity or other inappropriate behaviors are observed, the Court should be contacted immediately and the participant will be removed from this site with the likelihood that sanctions will be imposed.

The Court believes that working in the community can provide participants with a positive outlook on the world. It improves work habits and work skills which can especially benefit those later applying for jobs.

An acceptance and understanding of this program by the law abiding members of the public is essential to accomplish these goals and thereby to best serve the needs of the offenders and the public.

Current Community Service Roster

Morrow County Fairgrounds Mount Gilead State Lakes
Seniors on Center Morrow County Health Department
Morrow County Humane Society Cardington Lincoln High School
Morrow County Parks Northmor High School
Red Cross of Morrow County Highland High & Middle School
Perry Cook Memorial Library, Johnsville Highland Community Park
Mid-Ohio Recycling & Sanitation Tomorrow Center
Ohio Department of Transportation Disciple Shop, Fulton
Village of Mount Gilead Morrow County Soil & Water Conservation District
Village of Cardington