Morrow County, OHIO

Adult Probation

       The Court of Common Pleas employs Kyle Hobbs and  Bryce Richardson as Intensive Supervision Adult Probation Officers, and Tyler Baumberger as Intake/Adult Probation Officer.  Kyle and Tyler supervise adults placed on probation using evidence based practices.  Evidence based practices are proven practices shown by objective data to reduce recidivism and maintain individuals in the community rather than the more costly avenue of prison. Probation Officers also assist offenders in becoming better citizens by helping in the areas of education and employment.  The Probation Officers, when appropriate, develop and update case plans for each person on probation.   Probationers are referred to outside agencies for treatment and other assistance according to the case plan and Court requirements.  The Officers also monitor the payment of Court costs, restitution, and probation fees by the offenders. The caseloads assigned to the Probation Officers are relatively high compared to other counties due to a lack of funding.