Morrow County, OHIO

How is GIS Used?
Presentations on GIS

Below are various presentations which showcase the use of geospatial technologies. Please note that these are original PowerPoint presentations which do not have the presenter to elaborate on the slides. presentations

This presentation describes the Mylar County Tax Maps data conversion project that converted thousands of Mylar Tax Maps into the digital GIS format.​

Learn more about how GIS is used in agriculture with this presentation delves into use of GIS in agriculture, specifically precision agriculture. 

This presentation provides information on the many uses GIS in local government.​ ​It is estimated that more than 80% of information used in government operations is regarding something that is geographically referenced!

GIS is instrumental in redistricting of voting precincts. This  presentation provides information about how GIS can help citizens locate their election polling place, view what precinct or ward they live in make comments and obtain other information. It also shows how elections results can be mapped for viewing.

​After natural disaster strikes GIS plays a pivotal role in supporting situational awareness and providing Incident Command, First Responders, the public and many others on the same page during and after a natural or man made disaster.   See how GIS   supports response by clicking here.

This presentation covers GIS and the E911 dispatch environment. GIS already supports mapping and information on dispatcher's computer screens. GIS will provide the backbone of information for the next generation of the E911, or "NG911", an upgrade that will allow the dispatchers to  receive text messages and cell phone video.


​​View the second half of the "Geospatial support for disasters - the Ohio Incident Management Team and the International Charter" presentation which  can be viewed above.


​This presentation looks into the the use of GIS for asset management. Assets such as public infrastructure like bridges,  wastewater treatment, roads, street signs, fire hydrants, lighting, etc.