Morrow County, OHIO

Government Applications
How is GIS Used?
Local Government Applications
GIS is utilized by most agencies in local, state and national government. It is an effective tool for public information delivery. Below are descriptions of GIS applications which provide higher levels of customer service, 24-7 availability, and tools that result in more efficient work and collaboration. GIS also provides greater transparency and accountability.

Nearly 100% of local governments serving over 100,000 people have incorporated GIS into their operations and 90% of governments serving between 50,000 to  100,000 citizens.* They are implementing GIS because this technology is so useful  in supporting operations and providing information used by so many agencies, organizations and individuals.

​Below are many examples of the application of GIS in the local government space.

The County Auditor's Office
- Workflow support for appraisers, transfer office
- Neighborhood delineation
- Board of Revision support
- Sexennial revaluation mapping
- Analyze appraised values
- Real estate system quality control and accuracy
- Thematic maps of appraisal data
- Provide 24-7 public access to Auditor’s info

  Emergency Management Agency
- Emergency Operation Plan mapping
- Disaster & detour routing
- Hazmat mapping for pre-planning
- Train derailment mapping and response support
- Flood emergency response and recovery
- Special needs, critical infrastructure mapping
- Common Operating Picture websites
- Damage assessment mapping

The County Engineer's Office
-  Computer aided drafting for tax map
- Guardrail inventory and maintenance support
- Roadway sign inventory and maintenance
- 24-7 access to scanned Plats, Tax Maps, surveys
- Efficient GPS based surveying
- Bridge inspection program support
- Preliminary engineering support
- Support development plan review
​​-  Roadside hazards inventory/prioritization

  Sheriff's Office
-  Crime analysis​
- Sexual Offender 1000’ notification
- Sheriff/SWAT tactical mapping
- Aerials to support warrant planning & serving
- Dispatch E911 console GIS
- Reverse 911

Planning and Economic Development
- Access to same scale soils, flood plains, utilities
- Support public questions
-  Transportation planning
- Support development plan review, land  development  & permitting
- ​ Township Zoning mapping and support
- Analyze U.S. Census information
​- Site analysis and selection
-  Support development plan review
Fire Departments
- Asset mapping – Mains, hydrants, valves, etc.
- Dry hydrant mapping
-  Generating and updating structure address maps
- Create near real time buffer emergency response maps
- Fire Department & Hazmat pre-plans
All of this is valuable intel for mutual aid  responders who may be less familiar with the area.

Board of Elections
- ​Produce accurate voting precincts and wards maps
- Produce polling locations maps/directions
- Redistrict precincts and wards using GIS

Soil & Water Conservation District
- Analysis of hydrography mapping, wetlands, elevations, soils, land cover
- Best management practices​ support

Prosecutors Office
- Trial presentation Exhibits

Health Department
- Points of Distribution analysis and mapping
- Septic site plan evaluation, analysis of elevation, soils, flood plains
- Locate and map point pollution sources

Park District
- Building structures
- Complaint tracking, analysis and display
- E911/Computer Aided Dispatch integration
- E911/Park patrol mapping
- Graphics for promotional/educational material
- Access to Park mapping information via the web