Morrow County, OHIO

GIS Data
GIS Data Download Page

Morrow County has a variety of GIS data for download. To download any of the GIS data below simply click on the layer name. This will provide a .zip archive file, which will need to be extracted after downloading. There is no cost to download Morrow County GIS data.

These GIS data are in the Esri shapefile format.

 Layers include:
Currently, the GIS data listed below is only available by request. To request the data please complete the form below. We plan to provide one click to access to download in the future.
    •  Healthcare facilities
    •  Parcel dimensions
    •  Railroads
    •  Soils
    •  Zoning

For specific GIS data requests we encourage you to reach out to the Morrow County Engineer's office at or give them a call at 419-947-4530.